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Does Your Copy Tell Your Customers
What You Want Them to Hear?

The pen, or keyboard as the case may be, is mightier than the sword. With the advent of the Information Age, what we say and how we say it may be more important than ever before. News can travel from Silicon Valley to Ghana in nanoseconds, rippling down the sales pipeline and back up again.

Images and impressions are created by a few keystrokes. For better :-)  Or, at times, for worse :-0. Given the power and speed of modern communication, we want to choose our words, and choose them well.

That’s where Ascent’s professional copywriting services and specialized search engine copywriting come in. Copywriting experts who work at their craft and who love the art of wordsmithing will shape your copy until it communicates what you want, in the tone you want to say it, to the people you want to reach.

How Can Ascent’s Copywriting Experts Help?

Are you frustrated with copy bottlenecks? Missing business opportunities because you’re too busy to write the materials you need? There is a solution. Ascent Copywriting’s creative team can generate the copy you need—on time or before deadline. Our professional copywriting services include:

  • Articles and E-Newsletters
  • Case Studies and Press Releases
  • Whitepaper Editing
  • Monthly Writing Retainer Services

Search Engine Copywriting

  • Web site copy
  • Online catalogs
  • Web page content for search engine optimization campaigns
  • Ad copy (creative) for pay-per-click search engine marketing campaign

Why Do You Need a Copywriting Expert?
It’s Your Business, After All . . .

You know your business better than anyone else. To communicate to your customers, all you have to do is write it all down. Simple, right? So why contract a professional copywriting service?

“Writing is easy,” journalist Gene Fowler once observed. “All you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead.” Maybe copywriting isn’t always all that simple. For all of you who have wrestled to work a sentence into submission, fished through countless thesauruses for that one right word, ridden the rewrite merry-go-round until you’re blue in the face and ten minutes past deadline, you know that good business writing can be hard won.

That’s why we founded Ascent Copywriting. We’ll take the heat and save you the sweat. We’re published writers with business experience, a creative eye, and search engine marketing savvy. We’ll write your copy—brochures, trade articles, and Web content—so you can run your business.

Copywriting can be simple. Contact Ascent today for professional copywriting services for print or Web. So you can sit back and review your finished copy and say, “Simple. Just what I wanted it to say.”

Give us a call today at 1-888-309-7483. Large project, monthly writing retainer, and agency rates available.

The World of Search Engine Copywriting

Within the last ten years, businesses have exponentially expanded their real estate—online. But the translation from brick and mortar, ink and paper to HTML is taking a little more than expected.

Online copywriting has its own rules and character. And now, with annual ad spend for search engine marketing campaigns topping the $4 billion mark, with advanced metric testing proving the direct link between copywriting and customer conversion, you can hardly afford not to reassess your approach to online copy.

At Ascent, we specialize in search engine-friendly copy for organic and paid search marketing campaigns. We work with some of the leading search marketing firms and stay abreast of the latest discoveries, innovations, and trends in the world of online marketing.

Ascent’s professional business and search engine copywriting services include: search engine optimization copywriting, whitepapers, trade articles, e-newsletters, press releases, and sales materials.

For project quotes, timelines, or monthly retainer services, contact us today.


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